26/04/2021 - North Dublin

Obviously after catching the bass last night I had to go back to the same spot, I got to the mark about an hour after low tide just to see what I was actually fishing into. About 2 hours into the session I could see my rod nodding but I thought it was the wind, but while reeling in to check the bait it was real heavy like a big clump of seaweed, turns out it was 2 dogfish on the one pulley rig, one on the main hook and the other on the pennel. About an hour before high tide the rod doubled over and I was onto a good sized smooth hound, it put up a decent fight, a few times it actually swam towards me and I thought it had got off but luckily I got it in, 83cm my new shore PB and another species for the hunt!


LocationNorth Dublin
Result1 Smooth Hound, 2 Dogfish
Total Hrs5.5
Tide/TimeHW 00:00
Lures/BaitPeeler Crab
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
8 km/h from WNW10°C10°CA lot calmer than the night before, balmy weather, full moon.
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North Dublin - 2021-04-26 - 2d.jpg