06/09/2021 - Rush Co. Dublin

We were supposed to attend a boat competition with our club the day before (Sunday) but it was cancelled due to weather so we headed out today instead as the weather was forecast to be amazing. First things first we headed to the burge bar out from Portrane to feather up some mackerel. After getting a few I decided to throw some mackerel strip on the feathers to try pick up other stuff, and first drop I just left the feathers hanging about 6ft from the bottom and picked up a dogfish. Then proceeded to get inundated with pin whiting, we should have known! We actually kept some of them alive to use as live bait at anchor later in the day. Once we were well stocked on mackerel we headed to a spot near Malahide and anchored up. It was a new spot for us and we were hoping it would produce some ray or tope. All we ended up getting was a tonne of dogfish and after an hour we pulled anchor and headed to the yellow marker out from Portrane and tied off to it. Sent down some mackerel flappers and not long after I had a good run, I pulled up a massive bull huss but stupidly I tried to lift the fish out of the water by the line, he shook his head, the hook came out and he returned to the abyss to our disappointment. We had a few more runs that didn't hook up after that and that was it for the day.

We actually streamed the entire session to twitch for the first time! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1140564144


LocationRush Co. Dublin
ResultShane: 20 Mackerel, 17 Whiting, 4 Dogfish
Ken: 4 Mackerel, 6 Whiting, 2 Dogfish
Total Hrs5
Tide/TimeHW 11:45
Lures/BaitFeathers, Jigs & Mackerel
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
10 km/h from SW20°C16°CFlat calm and sunny