06/01/2021 - Red Rock, Sutton

Originally planned on fishing Malahide either the beach or high rock as that would have been within my 5km limit but the beach was packed full of people and high rock was taken so I just kept driving, headed to red rock in Sutton and set up just past the martello tower in the hopes of some winter codling. I fished 1 hour up and 1 hour down but sadly didn't get any bites and bait was coming back untouched. Was nice to get out though and scratch the itch!


LocationRed Rock, Sutton
Total Hrs2.5
Tide/TimeHW 16:56
Lures/BaitBlack Lugworm, Squid, Mackerel
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
8 km/h from NNW4°C7°COvercast
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Red Rock, Sutton - 2021-01-06 - 2.jpg

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