04/06/2021 - Top Secret North Dublin Location ;)

I made a new friend from my sea angling club who is new to beach fishing and wanted to join me this evening to try get his first bass, I got down to the mark a little early and got set up. As my friend arrived my rod started going 90, I reeled it in, I could see it's mouth and that it was a massive bass, but the hook came out just as I got it in at my feet and it got away, I was gutted.. Though it wasn't long before the rod started hopping again, and this fish was splashing around the place off in the distance, a real struggle to get it in but eventually I did! It was a massive 73cm bass, I was in shock just looking at this fish, my friend came over and we got it unhooked, took the pictures and released the fish. We spent the next few hours fishing away but that was the only fish the entire evening between us!


LocationTop Secret North Dublin Location ;)
Result1 Bass (Specimen)
Total Hrs3.5
Tide/TimeHW 20:24
Lures/BaitPeeler Crab
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
21 km/h from S15°C12°CLight southerlies, good surf
Top Secret North Dublin Location ;) - 2021-06-04 - 1.jpeg

Top Secret North Dublin Location ;) - 2021-06-04 - 2.jpeg