21/07/2021 - North Dublin

By jesus it was hard to find a place to fish this evening with the amount of people on all the beaches, I was quite lucky in fact that I got to fish where I did. I was using some frozen squid and fresh rag dug this afternoon in the splitting sun (great craic). First cast and I was onto a fish, to my surprise it was a tope pup that had taken the squid! Great! A new species and another point for my species hunt :D This was followed by a lively flounder on the ragworm, nice size I'd say around 23cm but didn't bother to measure. I had 3 more tope pups in the lead up to high tide and after that I was getting little rattles but no serious takers.

Something I learned today that might help new anglers (I really should have known this a lot sooner) if you find that your ragworm always slides down the hook or comes off in the cast, you probably aren't leaving any tag end when tying on the hook, leave a few mm tag end and it really makes all the difference!


LocationNorth Dublin
Result4 Tope, 1 Flounder
Total Hrs3
Tide/TimeHW 21:59
Lures/BaitSquid & Ragworm
Page Views435
Moon Phase
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
5 km/h from E20°C17°CFlat calm and sunny, almost full moon
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