05/07/2021 - Howth Rock Mark

Thought I'd give this spot a go for some wrasse trying to get more points for my species hunt as it looks like the type of ground I've read they inhabit, got to the mark just bang on high tide and dropped a hardback out on the float, after a few minutes I packed up and moved around to the telegraph pole to feather for mackerel since I read that the wrasse like a bit of movement in the tide so was unlikely to get anything over slack water. An hour of feathering at the telegraph pole produced nothing and I also tried the float around there too in different spots & depths. So I went back around the corner to the old swimming pool spot and spent the rest of the session there throwing the float into different gulleys, right in close and out far. At 11:30 and 3 hours into the drop with no action I packed it in, maybe I'll try there again some other evening with peeler on pulley rigs later in the year.


LocationHowth Rock Mark
Total Hrs3
Tide/TimeHW 08:40
Lures/BaitHardback Crab
Page Views339
Moon Phase
Waning Crescent Moon

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
19 km/h from SW12°C15°CVery sunny, clear water, flat calm
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