29/07/2021 - North Dublin

Last minute decision to try a local mark at low tide using my spinning rod and a float. I waded out a little bit and started off with a bit of ragworm but looking down into the water I could see lots of little minnows, shrimps & crabs, so since I brought a bit of mackerel I took a slither of the belly and put it on the hook, cast it out as far as I could, left it a minute and then slowly began to retrieve so the mackerel was just off the bottom fluttering about. Next thing I felt a bite but not a full take so I kept reeling, then bang it was hooked and a fight ensued. This was my first time catching a decent fish on my spinning rod and it was brilliant, the fish put up a good fight and I definitely want to do it again!


LocationNorth Dublin
Result1 Bass
Total Hrs1.5
Tide/TimeLW 21:55
Lures/BaitMackerel strips on the float
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
7 km/h from N14°C18°CCalm waters
North Dublin - 2021-07-29 - 1.jpeg