06/06/2021 - Rush Co. Dublin

Second boat comp of the season fishing over low tide and it was an absolute cracker! We went straight to a sandy bank to anchor, and we were onto fish almost straight away! We caught a few smooth hounds, dogfish and the two rays here before pulling anchor and heading to some rough ground to drift for pollack/coalies for an hour, after a long drift with nothing happening we motored up to a different sandy bank, baits in the water for maybe 30 minutes before the hounds came on the feed and after that it was just one after the other! We had 3 rods out between the two of us and it was a struggle to keep them all out at the same time, and we had smoothies constantly tangle the lines together... at one point Ken had a dab on a 3/0 as well. I finished up in 6th place and Ken 11th with another great day on the water!


LocationRush Co. Dublin
ResultShane: 10 Smooth Hound, 2 Dogfish, 1 Thornback Ray
Ken: 8 Smooth Hound, 1 Dogfish, 1 Dab, 1 Thornback Ray
Total Hrs6.5
Tide/TimeLW 16:00
Lures/BaitPeeler Crab & Mackerel
Page Views167
Moon Phase
Waning Crescent Moon

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
8 km/h from E14°C12°CFlat calm and sunny
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