23/07/2021 - North Dublin

Was hoping to get down to my usual bass mark this evening seeing as there was a good surf, the past week has been impossible to fish there as the beaches were crowded with swimmers, I was hoping with the cooler temps today there wouldn't be as many people but wouldn't you know it the place was jammers. I ended up going back to the spot I got the conger last night, and I got there fairly early too as I was really eager to catch a bass! I had peeler/squid cocktails on the pennel rig at distance then just rag on the flapper in close. It was slow for the first 2 hours before I got a good take on the peeler/squid and it was a decent smooth hound! Not long after that I lost the flapper rig and lead to a snag, that really annoyed me so I packed it in seeing as I didn't bring any spare leads..


LocationNorth Dublin
Result1 Smooth Hound
Total Hrs3.5
Tide/TimeHW 23:41
Lures/BaitPeeler Crab, Squid & Ragworm
Page Views67

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
28 km/h from NE19°C17°CBalmy and good surf
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North Dublin - 2021-07-23 - 2.jpeg