05/08/2021 - North Dublin

Conditions for this evening were shaping up to be perfect for a bass or two, so I went and dug ragworm at low tide. Got back out for the session at 7pm and started by fishing off the rocks. I was fishing with bait on my beachcaster and while waiting for bites was plugging on the spinning rod. As the tide pushed in I moved down to the beach and that's when I caught the bass! I hadn't even noticed any rod movement, it was only when I saw my line was slack that I realized I might have a fish on! It must have been on for a while as there was no fight left in it when reeling it in. 47cm and lean but not bad!


LocationNorth Dublin
Result1 Bass
Total Hrs4
Tide/TimeHW 22:41
Lures/BaitRagworm tipped with squid
Page Views239
Moon Phase
Waning Crescent Moon

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
7 km/h from SW15°C17°COvercast, some rain, strong surf
North Dublin - 2021-08-05 - 1.jpeg