04/08/2021 - North Dublin

I was fishing off the rocks near to an estuary today, I had a beachcaster with pennel pulley rig with cocktail baits of mackerel, squid and frozen peeler, then while waiting for bites I was plugging with my spinning rod. I had a bass take a feed shallow lure close in as I passed it over a gulley, but he managed to shake it off, I could see it was a bass though, probably around 20cm or so, a schoolie, after that I got really focused on trying to catch another but after a few hours with out any more takes I went home empty handed! Nice evening all the same.


LocationNorth Dublin
Total Hrs4
Tide/TimeHW 21:30
Lures/BaitSquid, Mackerel, Frozen Peeler Crab & Lures
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
23 km/h from S19°C17°COvercast, little bit of surf