31/07/2021 - North Dublin

Couldn't resist going back out tonight after getting bass the last 2 nights. I saw the craziest thing while wading out, bioluminescent plankton were lighting up every step I took, never seen anything like it in my life, ended up messing about with that for a while before I actually started fishing... Anyways I was fishing for about an hour before I had a hard hit from a bass just as the tide turned and this bass was stripping line like crazy! After I got that fish in and dispatched I quickly got back to casting, and the second cast I got another bang, this one fought even harder! Another lovely bass of 49cm, I wanted to return this fish but because my lure had treble hooks and it swallowed it so deeply, I had to dispatch it. I could have kept fishing but because of the treble hooks I decided not to continue. So I need to change my hooks to singles for next time.


LocationNorth Dublin
Result2 Bass
Total Hrs1.5
Tide/TimeLW 23:50
Lures/BaitShamrock Bass Attack Shallow Feed 128mm Charteuse Ghost
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
18 km/h from N14°C18°CFlat calm, chilly evening
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