18/06/2021 - Bray Harbour

Met some friends from college in Bray for a quick session off the harbour, they were new to fishing so I was kinda teaching them about how to cast and all that. I brought 2 bait rods to use with peeler crab and a shorter rod for feathering in the off chance the odd mackerel might be about. An hour into the session we got a shore rockling and just packing up we got a decent smooth hound of 90cm and my friends couldn't believe it! They thought we'd catch absolutely nothing down there! Also saw plenty of mullet swimming about inside the harbour.


LocationBray Harbour
Result1 Smooth Hound, 1 Shore Rockling
Total Hrs3
Tide/TimeHW 18:30
Lures/BaitFrozen Peeler Crab & Feathers
Page Views125

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
12 km/h from NNE9°C13°CSunny and Choppy waters
Bray Harbour - 2021-06-18 - 1.jpeg

Bray Harbour - 2021-06-18 - 2.jpeg

Bray Harbour - 2021-06-18 - 3.jpeg