22/06/2021 - Howth Rock Mark

After getting weeded out of my favorite mark yesterday I thought it'd be a good idea to change it up a bit and hit a rock mark in Howth trying for pollock, coalies, mackerel, maybe a bull huss or a codling (probably not at this time of year but who knows). I had my big rod out a good distance with 2 peelers on the pulley rig, while feathering with the 11ft rod, I got 2 small pollock on the feathers then a coalie on the peeler shortly after. This all happening within the first hour of the session! After the coalie I had a few knocks but no hook ups. Plently of snags and lost gear but it was worth it to get something for the table and 2 points for the species hunt!


LocationHowth Rock Mark
Result2 Pollock, 1 Coalfish
Total Hrs4.5
Tide/TimeHW 22:41
Lures/BaitPeeler Crab & Feathers
Page Views214

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
13 km/h from WNW11°C13°COvercast, little chop on the water
Howth Rock Mark - 2021-06-22 - 1.jpeg

Howth Rock Mark - 2021-06-22 - 2.jpeg

Howth Rock Mark - 2021-06-22 - 3.jpeg