04/04/2021 - Portrane Beach

Fished Portrane beach again today for another LSAC beach competition (everyone's fishing their local beaches atm) and managed a nice just slightly undersized 23.5cm flounder.


LocationPortrane Beach
Result1 Flounder
Total Hrs3
Tide/TimeHW 18:22
Lures/BaitFrozen mackerel tipped with squid
Page Views68

Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
22 km/h from W13°C9°CFlat calm, neap tide, splitting sunshine but a cold breeze!
Portrane Beach - 2021-04-04 - 1.jpg

Portrane Beach - 2021-04-04 - 2.jpg

Portrane Beach - 2021-04-04 - 3.jpg