08/04/2021 - High Rock Malahide

Somebody from the sea-angling-ireland.org forum recommended I use peeler here after my last report there, so that I did, nothing for the first hour then a little rattle on the pennel crab rod, nice chunky flounder of 26cm, my best so far this year, then just at the turn of the tide I got a good strong bite, again on the pennel crab rod, this one put up a good fight and when I saw it I thought that's a strange looking dogfish, but when I saw the nostrils I was delighted to realize it was actually a small bull huss, and my first time catching one too! Then just as I was about to pack up got a dogfish on the small hooks/ragworm, so another good session and another point for the species hunt.


LocationHigh Rock Malahide
Result1 Bull Huss, 1 Flounder, 1 Dogfish
Total Hrs3
Tide/TimeHW 22:50
Lures/BaitLeftover rag from previous night on the small hooks, big peeler baits on the pennel.
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Weather Conditions

Wind Air Temp Water Temp Conditions
15 km/h from W5°C9°CCold and breezy, a little bit of surf.
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